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Why did God create us? What is the purpose behind the repetitive cycle of birth and death when ultimately we will be one with our Creator after attaining moksha?

Dear Krupa,

Our purpose is to live joyfully. We are here to enjoy life without any trace of suffering.

There is no creator who is independent of the creation. Secondly, we (individual living being) are not created beings. We are eternal. We undergo the cycle of birth-death to experience the result of our karma. We merge with God after moksha. To provide a platform for such experiences, the universe is manifested and sustained for a specific period and then it is resolved. This cycle also goes on eternally with no beginning and no end.

Why these cycles?

The answer is it is a play (Leela).

Children play in a beach by building a sand castle. If you ask them 'why do you build all these and destroy them when you leave?' they will answer 'just for fun'. Same is the answer for your question.

The world is created for having fun and joy.

That is the only purpose.

Thanks for asking this interesting question. If you need more clarifications please do ask.

Best wishes,
Raja Subramaniyan  


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