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respected sir,
      there are 6 philosophical school and vedanta is one among them.Further vedanta has many classes like advaita,dvaita,dwaitadvaita etc.Then,how one can choose which is correct and follow that teaching???

Dear Rahul,

ALL teachings are correct. It is like eating a buffet lunch. There are many dishes in the spread. There are vegetarian, non-vegetarian, South Indian, North Indian, Chinese, Mexican... there is no limit. Which food is correct? ALL dishes on the display are correct. Beef is an excellent for a westerner. Curd Rice is the best for a south Indian.  

Similarly, you may choose whatever schools/teaching according to your liking. However, you need to be clear about why you want to follow any teaching. If you do not know your goal, then it does not matter which teaching you follow. If you know your goal, then you should try one by one till your goal is met.

You should eat till your hunger is gone. Similarly, you should follow/study the teaching till your goal is reached.

Every mouth of food you eat goes to fill up your stomach. Similarly, every teaching will help you to go near your goal.

Therefore, start with whatever teaching you like and end when your goal is reached.

Thanks for asking this question. If you need more clarifications, please do ask.

Best wishes,
Raja Subramaniyan


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