sir, as we all know about delhi damini case.......explain me and everybody who is reading this that how, the lessons of bhagavat gita defines sex and its importance in ones life ...may or may not it help the criminal who is reading but the victim who is going to suffer.

the so called west attracting minds are having a mis-conception on entertainment. tell me something about life and its meaning.

Sir, firstly Gita does not speak on Sex. Secondly, the victim does not need religious settlement BUT law and justice.

In western society, rape is considered a part of daily routine. Sex, alcohol, drugs are made a part of daily entertainment. Life is different and not merely based on this. The details are in Kathopanishad.

Nachiketas asked this question to Yamraj who told him 2 ways - Preya (loving) and Shreya (desired). Preya way is what Western world believes in. Life full of sex, drugs, beer, abuse etc. Shreya methodology is spirituality. That is:

"Protect the 2 footed and the 4 footed"
- Rig Veda

"He who sees mother in someone else's wife, dirt in someone else's money, his own self in others; is a pundit."
- Sage Chanakya

Life relies on finding the best fit. Following the mechanism which helps one gain respect in this world and also in next is the key to get liberation.


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