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Respected Sir, Mysteries of nature, life & death is not understandable.  For no reason in some parts of the world people suffer due to war or terrorism.  This has been happening right from early age of human civilization till this hitech age.  That means evil mind of humanbeings is not changeable?  Though many mahans have lived in this world and preached many good things, why bad things coninue to happen?  Can we have a world where  there is no war & terrorism ?  Can spirituality help to achieve total peace in this world in the near future?

Nothing happens in this world without reason. There are reasons for terrorism and wars. You have to only understand their point of view.

The human civilizations of the modern times have created billionaire on one side and billions of poor on the other side. The inequality in power, status, values, wealth are responsible for the conflicts. Yet the inequality can not be removed unless people have to give up all freedom or all incentive to excellence is killed.

The evil is not born of evil but born of good.

Read my commentary of Tao Te Ching Chapter 2 titled The Supreme Knowledge of Duality URL:   " for more details.

Bad things continue to happen as we can never stop preaching good things in life. There shall always be war as we can never stop seeking peace. Just like you can never eliminate the birth of woman (or man) by all you desire, you can not eliminate the birth of evil till you seek good. They are born from the same womb. When nature create one, it has to create another.

Yet it is possible to become good at the individual level without expecting all to become good. When you shall become good, everyone shall become good to you and "your world" shall become good.  


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