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Sir there any secret of success?
I.e do we have any control over results of our actions?
2.which law governs action-result relationship?
I.e doea results or success depends on our hard work,,how efficiently we work
or it depends on good karma of person?
3.does destiny i.e karma of a man decides results or success
Or hard and efficient work decides it?
4.sometimes even after working hard we fail,is it due to lack of efficiency and hard work
Or is it due to bad karma of individual?

Dear  Aaryan

Secret of success is smart work which includes hard work, efficient operation, effective performance, long term good impact.

Hard work alone may not be enough for good results.

Hard work will produce result, but may not lead to success. However hardwork is essential for good results. But many more are need, hard work alone will not ensure good results.

Karma or good karma will certainly aid in the hard work to produce better results. Good karma of an individual will generate good will among others who will aid in generating better /desired results.

Hope that helps



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