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It is usually said in terms of Spirituality that Desire is the reason for our Sufferings. So is it wrong to be desirous to succeeded in all our endeavors in life? Without desire to succeed what can be our ambition then?...I am quite confused...

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Dear Vimal,
It is true that desires are the root of all our suffering but it is also true that without desires, it is difficult to live and excell in the world. Desires are like food which if taken in the right quantity make the body healthy and full of energy. However, if the quantity of food is less, you may starve or become weak and if the food intake is more, it may cause obesity, heart attack, diabetes and so many other problems. In developed countries or in developed soceities of even the developing countries, most of the people can eat what they wish to eat. Hence the problem of obesity is more common than the problem of malnutrition. Hence people are adviced to shun high-calorie food as a general rule.

In the same way, in a free society, there is no limit of desires. Any person can desire to become PM, President or the richest person of the country. Yet only few can fulfill these desires. Naturally, most people shall be disappointed and frustrated.

You have to understand that there is no end to desires because even if you become most powerful, you are still not the richest and vice versa. You are always missing something. We also know from our experience that most powerful or rich people are not happy since they are either striving for more or they are working hard to retain their position since many are striving for their place.

Hence, you must have the right desires and you must also learn to be satisfied and enjoy what you have achieved in your life. That is the mantra of happiness and success.
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