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Hindus/Body markings from childhood


A good friend of mine was adopted in the 70's from India into Canada.   She is currently trying to find her heritage/genealogy.  One unique thing she has on her lower legs are identical markings the size of a small gem on the outer sides of her calves.   She is firm on her birth as Hindu.  My question revolves around those markings.  Was it a Hindu practice at the time to mark children's bodies with such markings?  If not religious based, could it be something done by an astrologer to the family?  Your advice would be much appreciated.

Dear Georgina

Thanks for your query!

According to Hindu religious practice, no such marking is done as such. No such rituals exist. However, some parents with advice from their priests/astrologers, may resort to such practice, particularly if she suffered from some illness during childhood.

Hope that helps

Dr. Garain


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