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Hindus/unregistered Hindu marriage embassy legal?


Mari & Aakash wrote at 2013-10-30 00:23:36

 Sorry this was not allowing me to reply.You may also email me directly.


 I have the original temple marriage certificate signed by our Hindu Priest. We got our documents back when they would not register us. I believe they kept the fee.

Our US immigration lawyer is holding it. Aakash has a copy of it,we also make digital copies of all documents.

Documents required for the registry office are similar to what the temple requires.

Passport copy,visa copy,many notarized documents,proof of any disolvements of previous marriage . Proof of address.

Solicitor did not seem to speak English & he took & denied certain documents of mine,so I do not recall all that he had taken. Aakash had to do the talking & he took care of that. I just sat there & gave him all he required. He said it would be finished by the next day. We thought nobody could stop this after that. We were wrong.

 Thank you,

    Mari & Aakash  


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