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Hi I want to ask a question about about the concept of God in hinduism .I have read from many sources that in hinduism God is only one one and he is called Ishvara and he has many forms like Brahma, vishnu and shiva so my question is if these are different forms of the same God then why they fight each other and an other question is the forms are married to goddesses like lakshmi so who are their wives are they also the forms of the one God?


Not only there is just ONE GOD. There is ONLY GOD and nothing else. Hinduism is categorical in this respect. Ishwara and Brahman are two different names of the same entity. Just as a man is called police when in uniform, Brahman is called Iswhwara (God) in the context of the universe.

There are countless forms of this ONE GOD. You and I are also different forms of the same God. The purpose of one God appearing as many is a divine play. We are not human beings seeking spiritual experience. We are spiritual being having human experiences.

In this divine play, many forms of gods are available so that people have a choice to select the one that they like. Since people are different they need many gods.

Thanks for asking this question. If you need more clarifications please ask me a new question.

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