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Flow of thoughts constitutes Mind. Those thoughts may be positive or negative. What is that inside us that tags some of those mind's thoughts as positive and some as negative?

Is it right way to believe-in our mind and its thoughts?

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ANSWER: Dear Vimal,
What we receive from the outer world is not thoughts but actually the body of the thoughts which is called "knowledge". Just like the photograph of a person is not the person himself, the knowledge of the words or the signals received by the senses are not thoughts. These inputs when received by mind interact with the thoughts and feeling of the person and thus create a thought. Hence the same knowledge create different thought in different people depending upon their individual thoughts.
These thoughts are positive when they augment the existing thoughts and negative when they diminish the existing thought. We always feel happy when the new thought support our thought. Yet if there is no opposite thoughts, we can not grow. Only by a different thought, we can see the horizon of the reality and widen our perspective. Often the best lessons are learned from most bitter thoughts and we commit greatest mistakes of life when imbibing a thought that pleased us.
We must evaluate all out thoughts using our intellect as judge. Mind must be controlled by intellect. The thoughts must be watched closely and should be judged by its effect on us on long term basis.
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Thanks for your answer.

Please let me know the difference between Conscience, Intellect and Rationality. Does any of them has relation with the Atman?..


ANSWER: Conscious is connected with Soul or Atman which is related to faith and beliefs. Intellect lies on the intersection of the conscious and mind. So when you face a problem, the intellect resolve the issue like a Judge and help you taking the right decision. Rationality is the function of mind where it analyses the problem in a rational manner unbiased based on facts and evidences to decide the issue. Thus they are different from each other. Yet they are all interconnected since what we believe affects our rationality. We do not decide like computer. There is always an element of person bias based on experiences of life.

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QUESTION: Thanks for the answer Sir. Will be very glad if you spend your precious time to answer another question below...

Whenever we do something bad there is an inner voice guiding us even when mind pulls to do it. It says no that is not correct, this is correct and so on ..What is that inner voice? where it comes from .. please guide me ....

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The inner voice comes from our soul which is connected with Universal Soul (God) and hence with every other soul. When we do something which is harmful to others or hurt others, we are always guided by this inner voice. If we hear this voice and reason with it, we may know the reason for the voice. Follow this inner voice and your intuition become stronger. Read my book Practicing Spiritual Intelligence where this is discussed in death. Visit www.facebook.com/PractisingSI for details.


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