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Hindus/unregistered Hindu marriage embassy legal?


QUESTION: Dear Sir.,
 Might you know about this topic by chance?

I am a US citizen (female Buddhist) who just went to India to marry my beloved in a traditional Hindu temple ceremony. Our Priest signed our marriage certificate with his brother & a friend as our legal witnesses.

 After we married my husbands father denied us to register our marriage as his family disapproves.

 What visa is my husband now eligible for?

Is our temple marriage seen as legal by the embassy?
I can get no helpful response from them & our US immigration lawyer is not sure.

So legal marriage by embassy standards for spouse visa or merely just a fiance visa?
That is the question?

Thank you kindly,
  Mari & Aakash

ANSWER: Dear Mari & Aakash,

Your husband is an adult. No one can deny his marriage. By what law your husband's father can deny the registration of your marriage? Go ahead, apply for registration. Now, if your husband has problems with it, it is another matter. Regards,

Yours sincerely,


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I am now back in the states & unable to do anything more in person,in India.

We have immagration lawyers but they are unsure how to proceed on the US side due to no registration.

The embassy says they consider us legally married but the words "we require a registry"we used.

What can we do now?

How do I sort a marriage registry from 8,000 mls away.

His parents threatened to sue the registry office. They are.well respected people in his little Nortg Indian town (Haryana/Punjab state).

I am trying to call my husband here but how do I do this now?

The solicitor for the registry office met with us in person & took our fees & documents. They should just still do this now,but I am not there to protest & both must sign in person.

I want to countercomplain but Aakash is afraid to go against his parents further. They are now threatening to disown him .I am older than him & they will not accept this at all.

 Thank you kindly,your response is greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,
  Mari & Aakash

Dear Mari,

What document did you give to the solicitor, the original copy of the Arya Samaj marriage? Do you have any document which says that you are married to Akash? The problem is that Akash is backing out of the marriage. If he was serious, he would not have worried about being disowned. Have the registry people asked you to come yourself and sign? Will Akash sign? If Akash does not sign then he has cheated you under Indian law, and I am sure he will be liable to punishment. It will be very difficult to fight the case from that distance. You being in US and he being in India. And what is the use of fighting such a case except for damages. Your marriage seems to be already destroyed. I am sorry that I have to right all these unpleasant things. Regards,



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