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Hindus/Faith in Idol worship


Dear Raja

I am losing interest in Idol worship and hindu rituals.
It is not an atheist thought, but is based on some recent understanding and for no specific reasons.
Is this mind transformation healthy?
thank you

Dear Ravichandran,

Yes, it is a healthy transformation PROVIDED you spend time to gain clarity on God. Seeking to find answers to ANY of the following questions is a very good substitute for idol worship.

1. Who is God?
2. Who am I?
3. What is the purpose of life?
4. What is it I am really seeking to achieve in life?

Finding answers to these questions involve lots of time and effort on your part and you have to be committed to find the answers. If you do not you must reconsider your decision to stop following the rituals.

Following the rituals is the stepping stone for asking questions. You have graduated from the first step to the second. And now you need to proceed in your pursuit. Pl see in this regard.

When you complete your pursuit, you will return to idol worship for the sake of others!

Thanks for asking this question. If you need more clarifications, please do ask.

Best wishes,
Raja Subramaniyan


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