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Hindus/suffering imaginary ?


Sir, please pardon by childish question

but if god is all powerful,

why doesnt he grant us enlightenment at once to one and all so then

we can continue to play part in his drama if he so wishes but

without suffering ?

and if suffering is imaginary why it is still discomforting/undesirable ?

Dear Aayas,

Yes, suffering is imaginary. If you introspect on the question 'who is suffering?' you may find the answer 'no one!'. In other words the question 'WHO AM I?' will reveal your ignorance.

When we say I AM SUFFERING, the word refers to our EGO which is purely our imagination. Therefore, suffering is imaginary.

However powerful the God may be, HE cannot give us knowledge. We need to gain knowledge. If GOD has given self knowledge to all of us, then you might ask why the God did not give us knowledge to be an engineer, doctor or accountant. If you want to be an engineer you need to study and gain that knowledge. Self-knowledge which leads to enlightenment is also a knowledge.

Also, why should we need to work and earn money. Why can't god meet all our requirements without us working for it? The question is wrong because the word CREATION means VARIATION. Without UP there cannot be DOWN. Without ignorance, enlightenment has no meaning.

By definition 'suffering' means that which is discomforting/undesirable. So all suffering whether imaginary or real will always be discomforting/ undesirable.  

Thanks for asking this important question. If you need more clarifications please post a new question to me.

Best wishes,
Raja Subramaniyan  


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