can one get knowledge(gnan) from scriptures without the aid of "guru" (master). is it necessary to submit to a guru and be blessed with knowledge about getting moksha during life itself. I am also practising vedant philosophy ( shravan(listening and reading) and manan only . but i find difficult to meditate(nidhiasan) unless i am told by a guru. can any scripture tell me the right way...

Dear Judge Paul Mehta,

Yes, one can get knowledge from scriptures without the aid of any guru. The small problems can be understood by talking to various people or by participating in internet forums. Listening and reading are enough.

Now let us clarify the meaning of 'moksha'. 'Moksha' is when a person has no more questions which can be answered. There are questions at the present time which cannot be answered. In such cases, we have to be satisfied with the present knowledge and wait for new information to be discovered, for example, dark matter and dark energy, or what was there before the big-bang. These questions cannot be solved either with philosophy or science at the moment. We cannot force out an answer. That would be false. That would not be 'nidhiasana'.

What 'is' according to present knowledge is 'physical energy' (heat, light, electricty, gravity, etc.). All things in the universe are constituted by it. Therefore, 'physical energy' is closest to Brahman. In the words of my grandfather in his 'Vishweswara Smriti':

"Agocharam brahma matam munibhistattvadarshibhih;
vaigyanikairmata shaktirmayeti parigrahyatam." (Vishweshwara Smriti 1.24)

(The munis who knew the truth accepted Brahman as beyond understanding. What the scientists take as energy, take that as maya.)

"Saiva tape, prakashe cha chumbake vidyudadishu;
bhuvi graheshu surye cha sarvatrastiti nishchitam." VS 1.25)

(The same energy exists in heat, light, magnetism, electricity; and exists certainly every where, on the earth, planets, and sun.)

"Samsarakaranam brahma maya tachhaktirityadah;
Vedeshu yatsamakhyatam grahyamasyam smritavapi."

The source of the universe is Brahman and maya is its power. The Vedas have said that, and the same should be understood in this smriti also.

As for your inability to meditate, take it slowly. Do 'pranayam', five minutes at a time. Chant your favorite mantra slowly (very slowly). See if it help you. With best regards,

Yours sincerely,



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