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respected sir, can I control my mind and free it from grip of sense organs?
I feel that my mind is driven by its likes and dislikes instead of driven by what is good and bad for me.
what can i do so that my intelligence will be able to control my mind.Is there any practical method for this?
2.also how to improve concentration so that i can do the desired task and avoid mind from wandering?

Dear Sushant,

Mind is like a rope in a tug of war. It is pulled by sense organs on one side and intelligence on the other side. Likes and Dislikes are the forces of sense organs. Good and Bad are the forces of intelligence.

Your aim should not be to free the mind from the grip of sense organs, because it is impossible. All you can aim for is to avoid what is bad. For that you need to strengthen your intelligence and develop deep conviction on what is good and bad.

The practical method is to forcefully cultivate a good habit. It takes about 14 days for the sense organs to start liking anything. (Look up for 'stockholm syndrome' in the web). First identify what is good and start practicing it. For example, IF exercising early in the morning, start getting up early for 14 days (weekend breaks are allowed). After 14 days, you will start liking it. After 28 days, you cannot live without early morning exercise. The word IF was in capital because firstly you need to get convinced that exercising early in the morning is good.

Your second question:

If you like what you are doing, concentration is automatic. Else it is impossible.

Please refer my short book on MIND ( for more details.

Thanks for asking these two important questions. In future, if you need detailed answer post one short question. If you ask multiple questions, I am forced to give short answers.

Feel free to ask any number of questions any number of times until there are no more questions in your mind. Cheers!

Best wishes,
Raja Subramaniyan


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