Namaste Sir,

Is it possible to get what I want from god? by fasting, by praying, by chanting manthras?

Is there some thing called - "hatasadhana" (in kannada), that means when I want something very badly, person starts doing more fast, more no of hours into prayers and asking god for want he wants being more focused. (I am not telling about taking any kind of treatments like beating practices or anyother sacrifice of animals and all those kind of procedures).

I am purely taking about the fasting, Chanting mantras, offering more prayers, visiting temple with whole heartedly.

pl inform.

Dear Vibha

Rituals are meant for purifying your soul, thoughts and divert you from sins and ill-meaning actions.behaviour.

I personally believe, you do not by fasting, by praying, by chanting manthras, you do not get whatever you want. With your purified mind, you can concentrate more on your efforts for achieving you. mantras alone will not get you your desired thins.

hope that helps

Dr Garain  


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