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Hindus/Zakir Naik is Aurangzeb reborn


QUESTION: Why is no action taken against Zakir Naik? Is it because the Indian Govt is anti Hindu?
He is speaking ill of Hindu scriptures and sacred Gurus whom many of us worship and revere.
He is speaking ill of our most sacred Bhagavat Gita and the Vedas.
He twists and misinterprets our scriptures to make everyone believe that Islam should be followed, even according to the Hindu scriptures.
He says that in the Gita (Ch 7 vers 12) idol worship is forbidden.
But when you read the translation of the verse, Krsna only says dont worship Anya Devata.. not idols.

ANSWER: Dear Ananth

I agree with your position.

In a coalition government, a lot dynamics decide the course of action.

In normal situation, the law should take its own course and book the accused as per law.

Hindu religion respects all other faiths. unfortunately, the same s not true for other major religions.

best wishes


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QUESTION: 'a lot dynamics decide the course of action'

Why the above is not true if a Hindu had done the same thing to another religion in India?  Is it that then there is no dynamics?
Because the action is immediate... he will be in prison or even deported.  The media will make a big issue and publish his photo and bug the hell out of him.

It is a sin to be born a Hindu in India?

ANSWER: Dear Ananth

What do you want me to say? What is your query? let not make political statements here.

India is a country that welcomes people from all religion, caste, language. Theer is no discrimination for any one.

Hope it answers your query

Dr Garain

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QUESTION: I dont think you have given the right answer.
You are talking as if reading from the constitution.
Hindus are not treated equal to other religions.
The Muslims and Christians are given more liberty and are ruling the country.
Why Hindus have to pay for the Muslims to go for their Haj piligrimage
and that too to a foreign coutnry?

Dear Ananth

While constitution remains the same, the ruling government decides policies of the day. Everything works on vote bank politics.

Constitution proves equal rights to all citizen, anyone feeling deprived of it can go to court. Indian courts are are far better than many developed countries.

In a democratic country, any one may have his or her own opinion, without violating others.

you may read more in relevant news sites and government portals.

Dr Garain  


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