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i was 9 years old while sleeping i saw in dream mother adishakti in her durga form. eight or ten hands, red clothes riding a tiger, and a very bright light of yellow colour was around her body which had brightened the entire room. and then i saw myself or maybe my soul getting up from my sleeping body and bowed to her. then she told me or maybe ordered me something and i replied in positive bowed to her again and came again to my body. the room that i saw was in the exact condition i saw it before going to sleep. and the main fact is that at that time i was not aware of any goddess or her form. later when i told my parents about my dream they told me that it was form of devi. but nobody believed me whatever i told them about my dream including my parents. and after many years i went in great depression for some reason. i started suffering a lot. i reached in such state that i was forced to suicide. i was admitted to hospital and i was in coma for 2 days, doctors gave up on me. but anyhow i survived. whatever i did usually people hate or leave such person alone. but everyone after that supported me to come back to my life. today i am very happy with my life. and i am a great devotee of adishakti. i have no desires left in me except just of reaching to the ultimate one to adishakti. my question is what my dream meant. why was i saved after suicide. why after doing such heinous crime every one supported me. why now want to reach the goddess? i know my question may seem silly to you as to everybody else, but i will gratefull to you if you answered. please... jay Mata Di.

Dear Bipin

How are you doing?

Be happy that you have a new life! Forget the past and now dedicate your new life for the less privileged. More you think about your past, you will bother yourself more. Live for the future and make life of otehrs cheerful.

All the best

Dr Garain  


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