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Hello Sir,
         In Gita, Krishna says that one must do their duty, following their mode of nature(Sattwic, Rajasic & Tamasic). If so, is it right to take steps to switch our natural mode, from Rajasic to Sattwic and still do the duty prescribed for Rajasic nature?


As long as you have taken up a duty (as an employee) you must do your duty. In general, you are supposed to take up a job in line with your nature.

Changing the nature is not easy and it will take lots of time and effort to do that. Secondly, it is by product of doing work. For example, a Rajasic person by doing his work as karma yoga will ultimately become a Sattwic person. After that, he may change his profession to suit his nature or may not.

It is not mandatory to follow what Krishna has said in Gita. It is only when one wants to be happy, he/she is required to follow the advice given in Gita. Everyone has free will and can decide to do work in line with the nature or not.

Thanks for asking this question. If you need more clarifications pl do ask.

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