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Hi Sir,
      I studied in a Hindu site that after death one gets birth in either Heavenly or Hellish planets and face punishments according to their sins done in earthly planets. If so, then why they again come to earth and get bound under Karma of previous birth although they have already faced the occurrence in Heavenly or Hellish planets according to their Karma?



There are three types of Karma. One is Sanchitha Karma which is like a Fixed Deposit. The second is Prarabda Karma which is Savings Bank Account in which the amount received on maturity of a Fixed Deposit is the opening balance. The third is Aagami Karma which is like Current Account in which fresh earnings are deposited.

The quantum of Fixed Deposit in Each Living Being's account is INFINITE. This is because they have innumerable births in the beginningless cycle of Creation-Dissolution of the universe. It is not possible for anyone to exhaust the balance in the Fixed Deposit. In other words Sanchitha Karma Balance will ALWAYS be there. When a portion of it matures, a living being takes birth accordingly.

This is the answer to your question. People are again born in earth to exhaust the matured portion of Sanchitha Karma. If you need anymore clarification on this please do ask.

A person is born with a balance in Prarabdha Karma and will live till it is exhausted. However, new karma is collected in form of Aagami Karma. Major portion of this Aagami Karma is also enjoyed/suffered in the current birth itself. When a person dies the unused portion of the Aagami Karma is used to create a New Fixed Deposit. This is how the Sanchitha Karma Balance is keep increasing all the time. The ONLY way to end Sanchitha Karma is to gain Self-Knowledge.

Thanks for asking this question.

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