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Hindus/who deserve the success? view of Hinduism


Hello Sir/Madam
I have a question regarding Hinduism i hope i will get the reply from you. Question is some people who drink a lot, eat non vegetarian things and jealous from other and speak inappropriate language this things are not suitable in Hindu religion but their career graph has been increased like missile and I am still struggling on my first step of career however i am vegetarian and truly dedicated to god.i want to mention that i am happy with their success i don't have wrong intention for them but as a Hindu i had an question in my mind which i want to ask someone who has good knowledge of Hinduism. I just want to know that why god help them who does not deserve this, and i am happy with my condition because struggle make people perfect
Thank you very much
Please reply me

All evil practices produce immediate benefits while good things take time to bear fruits. It is no wonder that evil does not have to advertise its deeds or preach to the people. However, the evil deeds lead to ruin of the person later in his life. You must continue to be good notwithstanding your slow success graph. Later you will realize that you were wiser and they were foolish.

Remember that spirituality is a long term investment.Have patience and do not leave the path of goodness.

Read my article "spirituality is a long term investment" for more insight


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