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Hindus/Enlightened indulge in sense objects?


Why would a person who is already enlightened indulge in sense objects when he knows it is not the true source of happiness? For example, Osho was very controversial in his actions which raised a lot of hue and cry - was there a purpose to his actions?


Enlightened people know the source of happiness. That does not mean they should renounce the world and sit in a crossed legged posture all their life. Sense objects in the world are means of enjoying the true happiness.

You have a beautiful face. But in order to see your face, you need a mirror. When you look into the mirror, the beauty you see, belongs to you and not to the mirror. Although it belongs to you, you need a an external mirror to experience it.

Similarly, enlightened people know the true source of happiness. But to experience and enjoy the happiness, the world (sense objects) is necessary. Ramana Maharishi was sitting in Ashram enjoying his food. Osho indulged in little more! There is no right level in enjoying sense objects. It depends on the personality.  

One is free to indulge in sense objects without any limit as long as such indulgence does not harm self or others. This rule applies to enlightened people as well.

The difference between enlightened and ignorant is not in how much they enjoy sense objects. Until enlightenment people develop attachment to the sense objects (thinking that they are the source of happiness). Therefore, they end up suffering when there is a change. Invariably there will be a change. So everyone suffers. This rule does not apply to enlightened people. If for some reason they can not indulge in a particular set of sense objects, they do not care. If one mirror is broken, they do not think that their beauty is gone. They take another mirror. But they still need a mirror!

Osho was very controversial because he was preaching against all the established religions. His purpose was to show the truth to people that we are here to enjoy the world and not to suffer.

Thanks for asking this important question and you are free to ask for more clarifications.

Best wishes,
Raja Subramaniyan  


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