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Hindus/what is goal of karma yoga?


QUESTION: sir, what is goal of karma yoga???
how self realization i.e higher knowledge can be obtained by karma yoga??


The goal of Karma Yoga is mental maturity. Karma Yoga is a stepping stone for gaining higher knowledge. It is not possible to attain self-realization by merely doing Karma Yoga. When the mind matures, it automatically seeks knowledge. Consistent and systematic study of Vedanata under a live guru for a length of time alone will lead one to Self-Realization.

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Raja Subramaniyan

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QUESTION: sir, then how one can come to know if one have attained sufficient mental maturity to gain higher knowledge?
i.e. how a karma-yogi comes to know that he is ready for knowledge?


It happens automatically. It is like a mother trying to feed her two year old baby. The baby will not eat if the stomach is full. It will be playful. The mother has to let the child play not force it to eat. How long the baby will play without eating? Until it feels hunger.

Similarly, a karma yogi will automatically feel that he has to study the scripture after attaining mental maturity. If he starts studying the scripture without the required mental maturity he will not understand the teaching.

This is exactly what had happened. Arjuna was not ready for gaining self-knowledge, so he went back to Karma Yoga.

Thanks for asking this question. And if you need more clarifications please do ask.

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