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Hindus/what hindu dharma says if a women do sex with a kid..too youger than her age


i want to know what our indial mythology says if a married women 34years do sex with a guy almost half of her age..what kind of paap sin she is doing and what kind of fala she will get ??what our bhagavt geeta or sanatan dharma says about this act>

Dear Juny,

For a married man or a woman, any sex outside marriage is prohibited in hindu 'dharma', since it is a breach of a contract undertaken before a whole society, a promise broken:

Third marriage vow:

“Om rayas santu joradastayaha”

The groom promises to work for the prosperity of his family. The groom also promises to be faithful to his wife and lead a spiritual life.

“Tava bhakti as vadedvachacha”

The bride promises to be faithful to her husband and to support him.

This is a sign of uncontrolled lust. I have not read Garuda Purana which gives the punishments for various crimes (since I am an atheist hindu), but I suppose roasting over a period of time or frying in oil would be in order. With best regards,

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