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      If a person kills someone, can we take the death of the victim as his past Karma? I mean that Can we live in this fashion that everything will simply happen as per Karma and so we don't need to take any attempt to protect our life?



Surely, the death of the victim is in line with his past karma. But the past karma includes his mistake of not taking care of his life.

Every one has free will and one has to take all actions to live well. If that person does not act in line with dharma he will face the consequence. Taking care of one's one life is part of one's dharma. Therefore, it is mandatory to take care to protect our life.

Karma does not mean actions done in the past life only. It mostly means actions done in the current life. Only when one cannot find out the reason for a particular result then it can be attributed to the actions done in the past life.

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---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Sir, as you said if death of the victim could be in line with his past Karma, then can we assume that the Killer is destined by God to finish off the Victim's past Karma?

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NO. God does not send any killer. It is the killer's action arising out of his free will. He has complete freedom to kill or not kill. In case, he decides not to kill, then the victim will face the results of his past karma in some other way.

There is no destiny written by God. Everyone writes their own destiny. Everyone has a freewill and by doing good, they write a good destiny for themselves in the future. By doing bad action they make their future bad. God has no role in this.

God's job is to create situations in such a way that everyone gets to enjoy/suffer for their past actions. Law of Karma is similar to any other law instituted by God. For example, gravitational force. If you throw a ball up, it will come back. It is a law instituted by God. Similarly, if you do good, you will reap good results.

Thanks for this follow up question. If you need more clarifications do not hesitate to ask.

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