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i want to chant OM namah shivaha do i need to take any precaution
also i have one of my guru ji jaggi vasudev 1 hr chanting om namah shivaha cd
can i sing along with that Cds, time to chant that mantra
can ichant any time in night too

i started mantra chanting of certain type bija mantra
; this brought some ill effects in my life
i stopped now chanting any mantra
i want to become spritual in my life , i need to learn chanting mantra how
please tell me about OM Namah shivah question above
please help

Dear Deepak,


First of all, be clear on one thing: Chanting of any mantra of any deity does not, I repeat does not, bring any ill-effect. It may be a coincidence that you had to face the results of some bad karma, that is your bad karma got exhausted, which is actually good.

You can chant mantras any time any where even while doing any thing. All the cleaning and incense sticks and all that stuff is meant to make your mind conducive to chanting of mantra. Imagine how you would feel chanting a mantra in a smelly place! Otherwise you can chant the mantra anywhere. Legend has it that Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu once realized that he was wasting time by not chanting his mantra when doing his morning ablutions. Thereafter he chanted the mantra always. God created us and knows what we do and who we are. So, we can chant any mantra any time.

You need to be careful only about one thing and that is that your mind should be focused on the mantra while you chant it. If it wavers, bring it back and focus it on the mantra.

With best wishes,
Swami Narasimhananda


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