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sir, it is said that selfless action is one of the ways of self realization.Can yyou please explain me how selfless actions leads to realization? are there any examples of people who reached realization by selfless action?

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The Indian Scriptures like Gita have provided four paths of liberation (mukti)or union with Divine thus becoming free from the cycle of life and birth. These paths are Gyana (Knowldge), Karma (Action), Bhakti (devotion) and Dhyana (Yoga). These paths appears to be different but actually are connected with each other. You can choose one path depending upon your nature and gradually you shall realize all.

Selfless action or Nishkama Karma is also one of the path to start with. Yet unless you have the right knowledge, you do not know what is to be done. Similarly, unless you have faith in God, you can not be selfless since you shall always work for a goal. Only when you have deep faith in God, you can leave everything to God and work what is right. In the same way, unless you have Dhyana Yoga, your body, mind and soul shall not be in harmony with each other and hence you can not focus your mind during meditation to connect with the Divine and get the right action for the right time.

So all realized persons have followed the path of selfless karma. Buddha, Janaka, Sri Ramakrishna, Swami Vivekanada, Maharshi Ramana and all others have followed the path of selfless karma as well as other path to achieve self-realization.

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for knowing more of the self-relisation.


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