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gaurav wrote at 2013-03-22 06:03:09
We hindus believe in destiny. Whatever has to happen, will. So if someone's name ends with an L or R, you need not worry, just give your best. Also, there have been numerous books over time. I think one should follow his/her heart, soul and mind and read and/or do what you deem correct, according to your beliefs. Further, there have been many religious books in hinduism, however, the original text was not maintained. For eg., the original Mahabharat was written by sage Ved Vyas. But some verses/text were added later by his disciples and later by other people. Same is the case with Vedas. We don't have the original scriptures. So, as I said earlier, follow your heart and soul and apply your (logical) mind.


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Especially religious history of India. I follow 'advaita' philosophy (non-duality) and am an atheist. My answers would be consistent with science and practicality.


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