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Why god created universe?
What is good explanation of god?
if the answer given in Veda is not satisfying then please explain in another way


Vedas give the absolute truth which is not only satisfying to the most logical and intelligent minds but also stand the test of scientific investigation. In other words, the revelation in the vedas is ultimate indisputable truth.

Q; Why god created universe?

A: To provide the experience to living beings in line with the actions done by them. It is the duty of the God to ensure everyone of us get to enjoy the results of our good deeds and suffer for our bad actions. For this purpose God created the universe.

Q: What is good explanation of god?

A: God = Brahman + Power of illusion

Q: if the answer given in Veda is not satisfying then please explain in another way

As explained above, there is VEDAS provide the best explanations. But in order to understand the same, one has to systematically and consistently study Vedas for a length of time under a live guru.

Since you have asked multiple questions, I have given short answers. If you need detailed answer do post your questions one by one. Also please note, if you need theoretical explanations you can surf the web and you will find many good answers. This forum is intended to provide personalized answer.

So please ask a question which is very important to achieve the ultimate goal of your life.

Thanks for asking this questions and looking forward to hear from you again.

Best wishes,
Raja Subramaniyan  


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