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  I would like to know the facts behind rebirth and how does what one do in a current lifetime affect his next life?
Does a person's physical appearance,social standard and livelihood depend upon his deeds in his past life.
Does that mean bad people who have done horrible things will be born in a real bad way?

ANSWER: Dear Anu,


According to Hinduism every person has a physical or gross body and a subtle body. While the physical body perishes on death, the subtle body remains. The subtle body includes the mind on which the impressions of our actions are stored. Good actions bring good impressions and bad actions bring bad impressions. The person gets good effects from good impressions and bad effects from bad impressions. When, by spiritual practices, a person stops identifying actions with one's own ego, no impressions are created and that person becomes free from the cycle of births and deaths.

So, coming back to your question, yes, a person's physical appearance, social standard, and livelihood will depend on the past actions which could be from the past lives or even from this very life. And, yes it means that bad people who have done horrible things will be born in a real bad way.

With best wishes,
Swami Narasimhananda

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QUESTION: Thank you sir, for your answer, I would really wish to learn more in detail , could you refer to me a book or a person who I could visit to gain more knowledge?
I am at a phase of life, where I am in a dilemma and do not know what to do. This confusion is leading to depression. I really want to do something in life, which makes children happy, like work in an orphanage or as a nun.
I would love to tell you more you let me ask you in depth questions .

Dear Anu,


Yes, you can learn more about rebirth and the best book according to me is Jnana Yoga by Swami Vivekananda which is available for sale on The publsher is Advaita Ashrama. As far as a person to contact for more knowledge, you could contact me if it is not a problem at Also you can give me your contact details in a mail sent directly to this id so that I can try to help you further regarding what you could do in life.

And yes, you can ask me in-depth questions where again it will better to talk over phone and so you need to send your contact details to my email and also describe your problems as far as possible. All this you can do if you are ok to converse with me.

With best wishes,
Swami Narasimhananda


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