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Hindus/Action - results Relationship - Contradiction


sir, you said that there is no relationship between hard work and results, then there are many examples which show direct relationship between them
1.if i work hard in gym, i will have a nice physique and good health
2.if i eat unhealthy food, i will get stomach ache
3.if i save 100 rs/ day , i will have 3000 rs at end of month

Dear Rahul,

There is NO CONTRADICTION in my replies. Please read them in the context in which they are answered. I said there is no relationship in the context of 'HARD WORK'. In the context of ACTION (KARMA) - RESULTS there IS PERFECT AND DIRECT RELATIONSHIP.

But please note the DIRECT RELATIONSHIP between ACTION-RESULTS is NOT immediate. For example, you do good work, the result may not come to you in this life time but surely it will come to you in future lifetimes.

You should not ACCEPT ANY ANSWER because I am saying it (even though I say everything based on what is said in Vedanta). You need to reflect on the answer to own up the answer. You should never say 'Raja said....'. Are you saying it? What is YOUR KNOWLEDGE after reading the answer, that is important. You can and you should ask me such questions (like this one) but the purpose and objective of asking questions to me is for your understanding and NOT TO point out contradiction in my answers.

Unless you have an attitude of a true seeker wanting to know the truth, you will not be able to grasp the truth revealed in Vedanta.

Therefore, please reflect on the following statements.

1. Whether all the people will get nice physique and good health if they work hard in gym?

2. Are there any people who eat unhealthy food all the time but still do not get stomach ache?

3. What if some unforseen expense comes and by the end of month you end up borrowing Rs 2000 at the end of month?

After thinking about it form a generic question if there is a contradiction IN YOUR UNDERSTANDING. When you ask a question, there should not be any necessity to quote my previous response.

People in general have preconceived ideas/conclusions. Therefore, thy find contradictions in the scriptures. In your case you have an idea that 'hard work' and 'success' are DIRECTLY related. This is a wrong idea. But you should not take this as wrong because I am saying it. You should not try to convince me that it is not a wrong idea.

Nothing wrong with you holding a wrong idea. Do work hard and succeed in life.

Best wishes,
Raja Subramaniyan


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