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Hindus/How to take correct decisions?


How can we assure that we are fulfilling our duties, taking
correct decisions in life for everyone's welfare and live life
as it is ideally intended to be ?

Because while taking decision, everything ranging from confusion,ignorance,tendencies interfere with decision making and
we end up making decision that are wrong or far from ideal.

how can we know the right thing to do at the right time?


All of us take CORRECT DECISIONS all the time. We never take any wrong decisions. The decisions that we took APPEAR as wrong decisions only when we do not get what we wanted.

If I have a bullock cart, I cannot expect to go faster than my friend who has a car. How well we live our life depends on the quality of our mind. Therefore, there is no point in making comparisons.

However we can (and we are) continuously improving our mind.

To avoid confusion, we need to sharpen our mind by engaging in intellectually stimulating work. To overcome ignorance, we need to gain more knowledge by studying and working. To overpower tendencies, we need to do meditation and gain mastery of intelligence over the power of our sense organs. However, we can do all these things only slowly. It may take several life times to gain mastery on all these things. Therefore, the only thing that matters is to ensure that we are progressing.

We need to monitor our progress through self analysis. You may plan to read a book (to increase your knowledge). Write down in your diary that you want to do that within a time limit. And do that. In this way you should make continuous progress towards perfection. That is all to be done.

We always do the right thing at the right time.

This is so because there is NO SET STANDARD on how to live life. Each one of us are unique. No one like you has ever lived in the past. No one like you will ever be born again. You are so unique and how you live your life depends ONLY on you. Therefore, there is nothing to compare. You cannot live life like someone else nor can live differently. Your actions depends on the current status of your mind.

Your mind is continuously growing. Therefore, the decisions that you took yesterday might appear wrong today because your mind has become more matured today. You could not have taken a different decision yesterday because you acted according to your then capability.

We always do the right thing at the right time. There is no exception whatsoever to this statement. Enlightened people are not those who always take right decisions but those who know that whatever decisions they take are the right decisions. Ignorant people classify the decisions 'right' and 'wrong' based on the outcome, by comparing the results achieved by others and by making judgement on past.

You should periodically make a self-assessment whether you are fulfilling all your duties. If you have not there is nothing to feel guilty about. Do what is required so that you grow. That is the ideal way of living life.

Thanks for asking this important question. If you need any clarifications please post a new question.

Best wishes,
Raja Subramaniyan


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