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dannie wrote at 2013-04-18 12:12:05
1>purpose/goals of hindu's life a>dharma(righteousness)do what is right b>artha(money,wealth)earn money honestly for family charity society for happiness c>kama(desire)to fulfill his ambitions which is per rules d>moksha(salvation)work for one's salvation by honestly doing one's duty without attachment,not desiring anything accepting everthing which comes to life due to God grace.

2>one can find purposeful existence by practising honestly the above things.

3>varoius methods to carry out these purposes sucessfully are studing and following teachings of enlightened guru,studing and following scriptures like vedas,bhagwad gita,upanishads etc,another concepts which will help to carry out the goals are karma yoga(work without attachment) ,gyana yoga(kowledge universe,spritual knowledge,knowlege of deadth rebirth etc) ,bhakti yoga(devotion of god) and raja yoga(meditation etc).

4>it has given a purpose,a spritual assingment to complete in life without compromising my day to day work it has given inner happiness that I am brahman(supreme concioussness) and i want to end the cycle of birth and deadth by following the above.


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