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Hi Sir,
      1) I believe that Krishna and Ram were Noble human beings and it is just all the Puranas and intentional alterations portray him as God himself. What may be your say on this?

      2)In Gita, in Verses 18-42,43 Krishna says that he describes the Duties of the Varnas. But they are just the Qualities born of their nature which is described in those Verses. How can Qualities of that particular Varna be taken as Duties of that Varna? Am I somewhere wrong with the translation?

At the same time the next Verse 18-44 describes the Duties like Cattle-rearing, Farming etc for Vaishya Varna instead of the Qualities for that Varna unlike the previous Verses that clearly describe the QUALITIES alone for those Varnas. What may be the fact?

Thanks a lot Sir.


Dear Vimal,

1. I do not know. There is no evidence. However, I agree, they are the most important cultural figures for hindus.

2. That is right. Verse 42 and 43 give the qualities of brahmins and kshatriyas, where as Verse 44 gives the work of vaishyas and shudras. I suppose the Lord was in a hurry to end the advice after 17 chapters to Arjuna so that he could engage in battle. :big laugh:  But by now, Arjuna had become much wiser and could fill in the blanks. I expect others also to do the same. A vaishya should be generous and honest, and a shudra, who works for others, should be pain-staking and loyal, in my humble opinion.

With best wishes,

Yours sincerely,



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