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Namaskaar Sir,

I've recently bought a collection of upnishads but they are only in Sanskrit.Although I understand Sanskrit very little(I studied it in school) but still I want to read it.Will it also be beneficial to read scriptures in Sanskrit if the understandable translations are not available?

Thank you

Dear Sameer,

It might take about 2 years of full time study to master Sanskrit language to a level where you can read the scriptures. BUT even the top class Sanskrit Scholar in the world CAN NOT understand the underlying message from the Upanishads.

I appreciate your interest in studying scriptures. But you need to have a personal teacher to guide you through the scriptures. One of the meaning of the word 'upanishadh' is 'the knowledge that comes from sitting at the feet of the guru'. So more than sanskrit you will need a guru.

Also before attempting to study upanishads you need to study Gita.

There are many translations/commentaries. I have also written one. ( BUT NONE OF THEM will be of help UNLESS you study them under the guidance of a teacher.

Thanks for asking this important question to me. I will be glad to provide additional clarifications if you need them. Please do not hesitate to ask.

Best wishes,
Raja Subramaniyan  


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