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Hindus/success vs hard work


sir, what is relation between hard work and results /success?
are results directly proportional to hard work undertaken?
i.e suppose i study very hard and sincerely for exam , then surely will i get good marks?

Dear Rahul,

There is NO RELATIONSHIP between Hard work and Results/Success. Results ARE NOT directly proportional to hard work. Ofcourse it is NOT indirectly proportional. Since there is no relationship between hard work and success, there is no point in asking whether the relationship is direct or indirect.

The above truth is clearly revealed in Vedanta. And in our practical life we see this happening. Many people who work hard do not succeed in life. And there are many who succeed in life without doing hard work. In addition, in our own case we have experienced that we struggle to achieve something in life through hard work but we fail. And sometime we get what we wanted without putting in any effort.

So from ALL THE THREE (Vedanta, our observation of the world and our personal experience) perspectives it is PROVED that there is NO relationship between hard work and success.

i.e even if you study very hard and sincerely for exam, it is NOT A guarantee that you will get good marks. You might fail even if you written your exams well after studying hard.

Thanks for asking this important question.

Obviously, you might want to ask 'then why should I study hard?' The answer is: If you want to succeed in life you need to work hard! There is no contradiction. Even if you work hard, you might fail. BUT working hard will make your mind mature enough and lead you to JOYFUL LIVING ultimately. Therefore, you need to work hard and sincerely in ALL your pursuits in life.

If you need any further clarifications please do ask me.

Best wishes,
Raja Subramaniyan  


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