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Sir ,as you follow advaita philosophy and you are a realized person can you please provide me answers for below questions from advaita point of view
What is enlightenment????
I have some more questions as well
1.a enlightend person is free from all kind of mental suffering
Like anger,guilt,fustration,agony,disappointment etc
He never suffers whatever happens in the world
Is that correct??
2.after enlightenment a person doesnt find himself as doer or enjoyer of actions and its fruits
He is just a witnessing consciousness
Is that correct? it correct that all actions happen to us and we do not do any action happens to us

Dear Aaryan,

Knowing that what all exists is one is enlightenment.

1. That is correct.
2. That too is correct.
3a. Adi Sankaracharya defined two levels of reality. Absolute and practical. In absolute reality, we do not even exist. So there is no question of our doing anything.
3b. In practice, there is this is the illusion of the world and the humans. So, there also is an illusion of things happening and us taking action.

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