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Hindus/Two Goals in Life


Sir,what is the message of gita or Vedanta for young people who want to achieve something in life,fulfill their dreams.
Those who have lot of ambitions,dreams,goals in life. How we can proceed ahed with harmony,peace and happiness for us and others as well.


Comforts and Happiness are the two goals of all human beings. Conventional education (Engineering, medicine, accounting and such) and Spiritual education (Gita/Vedanta and such) are the two different means/paths that will lead to these two goals.

People want to be rich, powerful, famous, wealthy etc. All such goals can be combined to one word 'Comforts', meaning one can enjoy the sense pleasures. Studying Gita/Vedanta WILL NOT help to achieve this goal. One HAS TO work hard in the chosen field (Engineering, accounting and such) with lots of ambitions, dreams. Therefore, message in Gita/Vedanta is IRRELEVANT to these people.

However, in the second part of your question you are talking about harmony, peace and happiness for self and others. This goal is IMPOSSIBLE to attain without studying Gita/Vedanta. All the convention education, money, power and such are totally IRRELEVANT to reach this goals.

Therefore, we have many choices.

We can hope to live comfortably but unhappily through our material pursuit.
We can aim to live uncomfortably but happily through our spiritual pursuit.

OR we can live comfortably and happily by working hard in material pursuit and studying Gita/Vedanta simultaneously.

The choice is yours.

Thanks for asking this question. Will be glad to provide anymore additional information you may need.

Best wishes,
Raja Subramaniyan  


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