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   what is self realization or enlightenment?
as a hindu i understand that ultimate goal of life is attaing enlightenment or self realization, but i dont have desire to become a monk or yogi.i want to pursue a good career and nobal life.
because whenever i read something spiritual it says about renauciation and abiding worldly life.
as a youngster i have lot ambitions,goals and dreams about my life and i am not a religious or devotional person.
is this right if i am not trying for attaing enlightenment?

ANSWER: Dear Aaryan,
It is not easy for anyone to renounce the world to achieve self-realisation, which is the final stage. It is like the PhD degree which you can not achieve unless you have Bechler and Masters on the subject. The fulfillment of ambition is very natural for all young people because they feel that achieving material goals shall give them happiness. Only when you achieve what you sought, then only you understand the reality. I would like to advice you to follow your ambition at this stage of life. Gradually the time may come when you shall develop detachment from material things and you can think of choosing renunciation.
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With love

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QUESTION: sir thank you for your guidance.
sir i am not inclined towards material life, but becoming perfectionist in my profession gives me satisfaction.
i know material things and wealth cant give permanent happiness and am not running behind it. i want to contribute towards my chosen field.
and work for progress of our society and country.
isn't it a right pursuit?

ANSWER: Dear Aaryan,
If you are driven by your desire to make this world better by making suitable contribution, you are on the right path. You shall get your salvation by following the path of Karma. You shall also get material prosperity and happiness. I wish you all the best in your endevour. God bless you.
With love
Dr Awdhesh

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QUESTION: Sir I am unable to understand meaning of "salavation by path of karma".
Can you please explain how someone attains salvation by path of mere karma?
Doesn't he do ant spiritual sadhana like meditation etc?

Spiritual Intelligence
Spiritual Intelligence  
Dear Aaryan,
Salvation by Karma is achieved when you work for the rightousness without any selfish desire. In this world, the battle between the good and evil is constantly being fought. Most of us stay away from the battlefield since it is quite painful and difficult to fight the evil forces in the world. So when someone fight for the right cause to uphold the rightousness, he can attain salvation by Karma.
With best wishes


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