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Hindus/When to start the spiritual studies?


Sir,ideally when should one start systematic study of vedanta??
After completion of professional education initial years of job
Or after particular age ??
Can a young person complete this study including meditation as meditation is not advisable in young age?

Dear Rahul,

Firstly, there should be a deep urge and/or compelling reason to commence the study. This is not yet another subject that is studied for gaining more knowledge. 'Let me know what Vedanta says' is NOT the right attitude. Thus, the second criteria is 'seriousness'. This study should be the TOP priority in life. One need not renounce professional education/job etc. This study can be done even after having a family. BUT the study should be considered as MOST important task to be completed and given preference over education/job/family.

When one has deep desire and seriousness, he is ready to commence the study. Other criteria like age, qualification, job etc are incidental. Adi Sankara started his systematic study when he was 8 years old.

Thanks for asking this important question. I will be glad to provide any more information if you require.

Best wishes,
Raja Subramaniyan  


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