QUESTION: Sir,what is the message of gita or Vedanta for young people who want to achieve something in life,fulfill their dreams.
Those who have lot of ambitions,dreams,goals in life. How we can proceed ahed with harmony,peace and happiness for us and others as well.

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ANSWER: Dear Sumit,
My message to young people is to understand the self and the world by close observation and personal analysis. In order to be happy you must have the right dreams and also right approach to realise your dream. Your dream should not be realised at the cost of the misery of others else you shall face the reaction also. We must know that we are independent of the world but part of the world and hence there should not be any selfish ambition. You must rather think of making the world better, helping others and helping others in realiastion of their dreams. Thatshall automatically make realise your dream and make you happy. If you get everything in your life but lose peace and happiness, it is not worth it. For more please visit www.facebook.com/DrAwdhesh
With best compliments

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QUESTION: thank you sir for your reply.
sir can you plese explain in brief the points you mentioned in answes like
1.what do you mean by close observation of world and self analysis
2.what is meaning of right dreams?
e.g is my dream of becoming manager right dream?
is it a selfish ambition?

Dear Sumit,
Your questions are excellent. A man is known by the question he ask. Let me answer your question.
1. We achieve success in life and we also fail. We have to learn from both. After every success or failure, you must think why that happened. Who are the people resposible for your success and your failures. What are your actions that led to success or failure. If you develop this habit, after many successes and failures, you shall develop a pattern and you will develop a better understanding of yourself and the world. This will help you in avoiding actions, thoughts and people which gives you failures and pain and you shall gradually follow a path that shall lead you to success, happiness and the company of right people.
2. When we dream something, we often ignore the dreams of the other people. For example, in our childhood, we often dream of hitting 6 sixes in a over or getting our the opponent at every ball in the game of cricket. Here we forget that the other person too have the similar dream and he too wishes to realise his dream. The right dream means a win-win preposition. A dream which benefit all or at least benefit the organisation, society and country more than us.

Your dream for becomming manager is a right dream because if you wish to benefit others, you must be at some position to benefit others. Never think that by benefiting others, you shall not be benefited. For every good action, you shall get many good actions by others for you. You shall get much more happiness and success when you are not too selfish and take care of the feelings and dreams of others.
With love


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