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Hindus/Karma Yoga - What must be our ambition


Hi Sir,

I read about Karma Yoga that we must do our work without any thought of winning or losing. Here I have a doubt that what must be our ambition? Normally people work to win. So what must be our motivation while doing a job or for example playing a game? Should we play to win? In doing a worldly activity is it wrong to work for achieving success in it? Please clear my unclear mind Sir.

Your advice is always appreciated...


Dear Vimal,

Karma Yoga involves doing professional work. One must do the duty without thinking about the results. I understand your difficulty in understanding Karma Yoga because it involves THREE PARTS.

PART ONE: Decide your profession based on your SKILLS, APTITUDE and CAPABILITY. In such chosen profession you FOCUS ON THE RESULT! It is very important to focus on the result during the PART ONE phase. Have a clear idea on what you want to achieve. For example, if your chosen profession is to work in a company than fix your aim to get a promotion within a years time.

PART TWO: Decide IN ORDER TO REACH YOUR AMBITION/GOAL, what needs to be done. What YOU HAVE TO DO, HOW HARD YOU HAVE TO WORK etc in consultation with experts, your boss and well wishers.

PART THREE: DO YOUR DUTY in line with the PLAN drawn in PART TWO above. For example, if you have decided that you need to work 10 hours, a day DO WORK FOR 10 hours, even if someone says 'what is the use of working 10 hours a will not get promotion'. In your mind you can reply to him 'I am DOING KARMA YOGA, which means I WILL WORK as DECIDED BY ME (under PART TWO above) and I DO NOT CARE ABOUT PROMOTION because I AM DOING MY WORK WITHOUT THINKING ABOUT THE RESULTS.

Hope you are clear now. You are permitted to periodically revisit PART TWO and redraw your plans so that you achieve your ambition. However, when you are doing the work (PART THREE) you should not be concerned about the results.

So while doing the work you should do so without any thought of winning or losing. But while planning you must aim to win.

Thanks for asking this important question. In case it is not clear, please do not hesitate to seek for clarifications.

Best wishes,
Raja Subramaniyan


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