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Hindus/human evolution Vs creation


Does vedas say Human evolved from other life form or God created them directly.

According to Science, Human evolution has a timeline around 6 million years back i.e human and other great ape evolved from a common ancestor.

How to clear this contradiction?


Dear Vivek,

According to Vedas there is absolutely NO DIFFERENCE between living beings. ALL living beings right from a micro organism to a human being are essentially same (called as JEEVA). There are infinite number of jeevas. AND Jeevas are NEVER CREATED because they are eternal.

The differences that we see in living beings is only with respect to the physical body. Depending on the fruits of the past actions, a living being (jeeva) gets a human body or animal body or plants etc. Therefore, a living being currently having a human body can be born as a monkey in the next birth and in the same way a fish could be born as human being in the next birth.

Having said this, let me answer your question directly.

Vedas are in 100% agreement with Science. Both Science and Vedas DO NOT SAY that god created human beings directly. Both Science and Vedas hold only when the conditions were ripe, human beings appeared on the earth. Therefore, Vedas FULLY SUBSCRIBE to the theory of evolution.

However, Vedas say INVOLUTION preceded EVOLUTION. This means the subtle bodies of Jeevas got involved into the inert materials to appear as a primitive life form. When conditions become more appropriate more complex life forms started to appear. Finally, human beings arrived.

Every birth - in all life forms - even today as always - is the result of a jeeva taking a new physical body.

Thanks for asking this important question. If you need clarifications please do ask.

Best wishes,
Raja Subramaniyan


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