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Dear Aupmanyav,

I would like you to enlighten me about the kalaas of Lord Shiva. In some magazine, i read there are eight and the one related to beauty is "Saustha" (सौष्ठा ).
The magazine didnt give much information. Can you please tell me more about Lord Shiva's Kalaas and prayers/stothrams etc to worship/invoke them ? I couldn't google for anything related to this topic.
Your help would be highly appreciated. Furthermore, Sraaban month in approaching soon.

Thank you.

Dear Devanshu,

Sorry for replying late to your question. Actually, it was not an easy question. 'Kalas" of Gods, Goddesses, and avataras is a very diffuse subject in hinduism. People have different views, as per the hindu saying 'Vipra Bahudha Vadanti', they are all correct.

So, Lord Shiva has eight 'kalas', Lord Rama had 12 or 14, Lord Krishna had 16, Lord Buddha had 30, and Mother Goddess has 64. It depends on who is describing it. I am from a 'Shaiva' family, for me Lord Shiva has all the 64. To say that Lord Shiva has any less than Lord Krishna will be a Vaishnava view. Remember, they are all correct.

Lord Krishna is supposed to have the following 16 'kalas': 1) Anna Maya, 2) Pranamaya, 3) Mano Maya, 4) Vigyanamaya, 5) Anandamaya, 6) Atishayini, 7) Viparinabhimi, 8) Sankramini, 9) Prabhvi, 10) Kunthini, 11) Vikasini, 12) Maryadini, 13) Sanhaladini, 14) Ahladini, 15) Paripurna, 16) Swarupavasthit.

So, somebody came up with eight 'kalas' of Lord Shiva including 'saushtava'. This is surely a help to devotees to focus on their chosen God (Ishta) and I fully agree with that. 'Saushtava' has the following meanings: particular division of dramatic composition, goodness, extreme skilfulness, superior goodness or beauty, cleverness, self-confidence, beauty, particular position of the body, excellence.

The 64 'kalas' are mentioned here:

With best regards,

Yours sincerely,



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