Swami Narasimhanandaji -

Your lecture Death with a difference 3 is fascinating. I came upon it just when I needed to hear this wisdom.

Questions -
1.  Is there an unseen timing in the way that events take place in life?

2.   I am 70 years old, single, no family. I do not have faith or knowledge. How  do I begin to prepare for my onward journey?

3.    How do I let go of 'control'  and move away from the world? I dream of living in an ashram, which may be just a fantasy at the moment, but how do I summon up the courage to let go without faith to bolster me?

4.    Or is it about a plunge into the Unknown?

Thank you.

Romesh Chopra

Dear Chopraji,


1. Whatever we have done, we have to reap the results of. When it will actually happen, cannot be determined by us.

2. As you have no faith or knowledge, you can start by acquiring knowledge in a critical way. Over the years, you will get faith.

3. Instead of trying to live in an ashrama, try to bring the ashrama in yourself by understanding that you are not the petty body and mind you think you are.

4. Keep things simple. Bite only that you can chew. Deal with things only which you are sure of. Just reading difficult texts and repeating jargon will not help. See your mind and take one thing at at time. What is Unknown anyway? So, just proceed with the things you know.

With warm regards,


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