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Namaskaar Guruji,

I had several questions in my mind since past few days.I seek your guidance regarding them-

1.Lately,I've grown deep faith in Lord Suryadev.I wanted to chant His mantra,something like 'Om Namah Shivaye'.I found two of them-'Om Shreem Suryaya Namah' & 'Om Suryaya Namah'.Can you please tell me which one should I chant?Also,I could not find Surya Atharvashirsh anywhere.Can you provide me the strotra or a link to it?

2.Can we give 'Arghya' with water to Suryadev in the evening?

3.Before the beginning of some strotras there is 'nyasa','digbandha'etc.If we read the strotra without reading them,do we still get the fruit of our worship as I find myself unable to do 'nyasa' etc. systematically.

4.If we start to worship another god,will stopping the worship of the other harm us?

5.Should we worship only one god(eg.only Lord Visnu),or we can worship a number of them together?

Kindly spare my ignorance.


Dear Sameerji,


1. You can chant 'Om Shreem Suryaya Namaha'.
Here is a vocal rendition of the Surya Atharvashirsha:

2. You can give Arghya with water to Suryadev in the evening.
3. You can recite the stotras and worship even without nyasa.
4. All gods are different manifestations of the the One Reality, so no harm will come if you stop worshipping one god and start worshipping another. However, if you have any statue or shalagrama in your house, you should worship it every day and offer food offering everyday.
5. As told already, different gods are different manifestations of the same Reality, so you can worship them. However, you should always remember that the ultimate Reality is only One.

With warm regards,
Swami Narasimhananda


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