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Hindus/BUddha and Nonduality


Dear Sir,
Lord Buddha have informed that everything is emptiness and  emptiness  no form nor feeling, nor perception, nor impulse, nor consciousness ; but Vedanta, Taoism , Sufism states that there is a seer to the emptiness/nothingness.and Hence that Seer is the Allah/Tao/Paramatma. ONce he elevates to that state, Seen and Seer shall dissolve, which Buddhism doesnt state.
IN that case, why such a great sage like Buddha stated that there is no Paramatma, and only emptiness is present in all levels of reality. This was the doubt haunting me since 6 months..
Request you to Kindly do clarify.

Dear Gautam,

All religions say the same thing. All the religious teachers are also teaching the same message. Until one is enlightened it is not possible to see this oneness. To get enlightened one has to follow the guidelines given by his/her personal teacher.

There is no point in analyzing or comparing religions. It will not take us anywhere. In fact, if one starts comparing it will be a great setback in the spiritual pursuit. Almost all religions claim ONLY they are correct and rest of the religions are wrong. This assumption is also correct!

Yes, ultimately all religions reveal one and the same truth. However, there are many differences how (the method) they guide the followers to that truth. It is like travelling from City A to City B. There are different modes of transport. Different routes to follow. ANY mode of transport and ANY route will take you to the destination provided you do not keep comparing/analyzing and not travelling! You go through Route 1 and someone says that is wrong and Route 2 is better, you abandon your travel through Route 1 and start on Route 2. Then someone else might be claiming Route 3 is the ONLY correct route. Again you switch. You can do this for your life time you will get no where.

Therefore it is wrong and compare or analyse. All you need to do is to follow anyone.

It does not matter what Buddha says. IT IS CORRECT if you choose to follow him. You will see that emptiness which he is talking about is identical with Paramatma at the end.

It is important that a serious spiritual seeker should stick to one teacher and NOT BOTHER TO CHECK WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING.

Thanks for asking this important question. If you need more clarifications please do ask.

Best wishes,
Raja Subramaniyan  


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