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QUESTION: Namaste ,

I have a keen desire to understand Vedas . But unfortunately I am not getting any place or collages from where I can pursue its education . Most of the books I search online have contents either in English or Sanskrit but nowhere I can find the book in Hindi . Hence , I request you to provide me with information on it and would be great if you could inform me about some collages which conducts vocational courses on vedas .


ANSWER: Dear Shailly,

A very good translation of RigVeda is available at (this is the one which I always use), but it is in English. However, you can try at which seems to be a good translation. There are others also available on internet. Please take care that they should not be connected to 'Arya Samaj' because Maharshi Dayananda Saraswati gave a very biased and untruthful translation of the Vedas. With best regards,

Yours sincerely,


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QUESTION: Dear Sir ,

Thanks a lot for answering my previous question . Well I have come across different interpretations of vedas from different sites . Hence , I want to know that the two sites that you have provided me i.e and is not some one's interpretation but is the original data . I want to land up to the conclusion of vedas solely based on what is written in it rather than being influenced by some one else point of view .

Thank you for your efforts .


Yes, Shailly. That is why I gave you the link to It is a very unbiased site. I have not studied information at in detail. But in case of doubt always consult Sacred-texts. Two authors who have mangled translation of Vedas are Dayanand Saraswati and Aurobindo Ghosh to their whims (though these considered stalwarts of Indian philosophy). My suggestion is that you keep away from the translations based on these two. With best regards,



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