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Hindus/Salvation to Animals and Demi-Gods


Dear Sir,
one have born as animals  due to Prarabda Karma.and after some time, due to good karma, they born as human beings. Human Beings have awareness and can be enlightened with right knowledge.

why only human beings can get salvation, why not demi-gods, animals....It seems to be little partiality. If demi gods does have knowledge, they can attain salvation with out taking human birth.

at least, if nt animals, demi-gods must be able to have salvation with out taking  human birth again.

sorry for asking this kind of doubt.

Thanks for support,


Dear Gautam,

The only difference between Human Beings, Animals and Demi Gods is in the PHYSICAL BODY. All living beings in all the 14 Lokhas are essentially same and are called JEEVAS.

Earth is the ONLY loka where one can EARN karma. Rest of the 13 Lokas are there ONLY for providing experiences to Jeevas in line with the past karmas.

Human Being is the ONLY form in which one can EARN karma. All other forms of life like birds, animals, demi gods etc are can ONLY exhaust the results of the past karma.

There is absolutely NO PARTIALITY. Which loka the jeeva gets to be born OR in which physical body the jeeva gets in each birth is determined PURELY BASED on the PAST DEEDS by that jeeva. NO ONE ELSE DETERMINES OR INFLUENCE THIS PROCESS. SO there is no partiality.

Salvation is possible only through gaining knowledge. It is possible for jeevas in the form of Demi Gods to get salvation by studying under Brahama without taking human birth. And these jeevas do not have to take human birth again.

Thanks for asking this question. If you need more clarifications please let me know.

Best wishes,
Raja Subramaniyan  


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