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Sir what decides action -result relationship??
Is it hard and sincere work done or good karma of individual.
I.e will I get good marks in exam depends on my hardwork or it depends on my good karma?
Also is success in life because of hard work or good karma?
For eg. Sachin is best cricketer because of his hard work he is doing or because of his good karma ?

Dear Aaryan,

The relationship between action and result can not be comprehended. We can not say that there is no relationship between action and result. For example, if you smash a glass on a wall it will break. At the same time we can no say that there is direct relationship between action and result. For example all those who work hard and sincerely do not get good marks or become best cricketer.

But one thing is certain. Each one is responsible 100% for all the successes or failures that happens in life. There is NO ONE else to blame. No bad luck or accident or act of god. Position of the planets, evil eye of the neighbor and such have NO influence on the events that happens in life. Every result is FULLY determined by the actions of the concerned individual alone.

Another certainty: Good karma brings good results and bad karma brings bad result. However, it is beyond the comprehension of the human mind to know WHEN and HOW the results will come.

If it is known with certainty how to win naturally one can do the required action and win all the time. That is not the situation. Therefore, Lord Krishna advised 'Do your duty to your fullest potential and leave the rest to ME'.

Do work hard. Be sincere. Do good to others. More importantly try not to harm anyone. If you do this much it is MORE THAN ENOUGH. You will succeed in life for sure! I am not contradicting myself. The meaning of the word success here is moksha/ enlightenment.

Thanks for asking this important question to me. If you need more clarifications pl do ask.

Best wishes,
Raja Subramaniyan  


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